Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finding time to write

School started and so did dance and soccer....and we are off and running. I am struggling to find time to write. I write in my head as I drive to work and try to pick up where I left off on the commute home. It is not satisfying, but it is my escape. I like to think that my mental notes will some day become pages in a book. I am relying a great deal on my memory which is a very scary thought.

Greater writers are always sharing their secrets of how they became great. Number one on the list is the advice that you must write every single day to be a good writer. Because I cannot figure out how to squeeze this requirement into my day, I am contemplating the idea that I may just be a mediocre writer. I've removed the pressure and have given myself permission to write when the stars align and I have a few minutes of alone time with my keyboard or pen and paper.

It's a full moon tonight and their is a warm and gentle breeze blowing through our house. The kids are sleeping and I am writing. Life is good.

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